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You Can Now Download All My Music Free

Starting today, all my music can be downloaded free. This also includes the complete ARISTOPATHS discography.

Visit to get the complete collection free.
Use the download button on each page to get a zip file containing the single/album and artwork. You can also find my music and the ARISTOPATHS music on iTunes, Google Play, Apple Music, Google Music, Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud, Deezer, Amazon and many other online and mobile platforms.
In the following days I will also releasing the complete code of the responsive website behind This means that you will be able to set-up a similar website, for showcasing your music, with just a few clicks.
Follow me on twitter, Facebook or Google+ to get all the latest updates.

Average Image Color Utility


Get the average color of an image. Upload your own image or get the images from

Font Awesome App Icon Generator

Do you need an icon for your application or for custom folders on your desktop?
The Font Awesome Icon Generator is a free tool for creating custom icons based on the Font Awesome icon font.

You can access the Font Awesome Icon Generator here.

Evening Rain Single on the Harley Benton Te-90qm Trans Red

I bought a new guitar which you can hear in my latest single.
The Harley Benton Te-90qm Trans Red
A few weeks back I ordered the Harley Benton Te-90qm Trans Redfrom and sure enough, a few days later it arrived. I also got a matching thomann case.
I can say without a doubt there is no competition for this guitar in the given price range. In my opinion, you would have to spend a minimum of 800 Euro, on other brands, to get a similar sound.

Top 10 Cool New Features in Bootstrap 4

Bootstrap 4 Alpha 6 is out and it is packed with new features. Let's have a look at the top 10 most expected updates it includes: 

4 Awesome Things You Can Do With HTML Canvas

The people at created a cheat sheet that allows developers from all experience levels to create unique images and art to fit any of their web design needs. HTML5 advanced technology permits designers to not only create images, but full animations that range from simple movements to complex. The <canvas> element bears significant potential for those interested in game design.

Google PageSpeed Insights - How To Optimize Your Website - Part 1

If your website is taking forever to load and you would like to optimize it but don't know where to start, Google PageSpeed Insights Tool is exactly what you need.