Free Blogger Template - HTML5 CSS3 jQuery Mobile

Download the free HTML5 CSS3 jQuery Mobile Blogger Template from here.

The free blogger templates includes:

  • Custom designed header
  • Custom designed gadgets
  • Custom designed search form

  • Custom designed menu

  •  Custom designed footer-bar with linkedin, facebook, twitter, google+ and youtube buttons

Responsive design to fit every resolution



Installing the HTML5 CSS3 jQuery Mobile template


  1. Download the HTML5 CSS3 jQuery Mobile template here
  2. Extract the html file
  3. Open the file using your favorite text editor
  4. Copy the entire contents of the file
  5. Go to your blogger account
  6. Click Template, then Edit HTML
  7. Paste the contents of the HTML file you previously copied
  8. Click Preview Template
  9. Make any additional changes to adapt the template to your blog. For example editing the links of the Menu
  10. Click Save and enjoy 


If you need any help with the implementation of the template post your questions in the comments section. 


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