How to create a PHP, Bootstrap 3 Contact Form which works with blogger and any other platform

Need a contact form for your Blog?

Here is a simple way to create a professional looking contact form using PHP, HTML and Twitter Bootstrap 3. By downloading the files in this tutorial and with some minor modifications you can quickly implement the contact form on your blog.

You can download the 2 files used for this tutorial from here. I have also included the PNG file used as a background tile in case you want the same design.

Open the zip file downloaded from above and open the HTML file.

Copy the PHP file and host it on a server with PHP. You can use one of the free hosting providers or host it on your own server.

Now, copy the location of the PHP file and paste it in the HTML file on line 29 replacing the URL in form action="".

Open the zip file downloaded from above and open the HTML file. Copy the form to your contact page and apply your own style to it.

Here is an example of the form HTML code embedded in this page:

Contact Form

In the PHP file change $myemail, on line 3, to the e-mail address where you would like to receive the e-mails form the contact form.

The last change you need to make is to line 37 where you will enter the HTML confirmation page. This is the page which will be displayed to your visitors after successfully sending you a message.

Please leave your questions and suggestions below.


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