Google Web Designer Launched In Public Beta

Today Google has announced the release of Google Web Designer public beta, a useful tool similar to Dreamweaver. Google Web Designer is available for Windows and OS X.

Google Web Designer is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor aimed at add creation, but it can also be used to create webpages.

Google announced that, until recently advertisers did not have the possibility to easily create responsive Adds. Google Web Designer is aimed to fill this gap and offer an easy way, which does not require coding skills, to create cross-screen adds.

Google Web Designer is focused on design, handling HTML5 and CSS3 in the background. If you have coding skills you can always access and modify the code.

Google Web Designer features:

  • Two animation modes
  • Full 3D authoring environment
  • Design view and code view
  • Illustration tools
  • Easy ad workflow

You can download Google Web Designer from here.


What do you think of Google Web Designer? Leave your comments below.


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