Shimmer - Album Website Launched

Visit the album website here.

New HTML5 Website Launched

Download the complete album for free.

For the release of the Shimmer album I have created an HTML5 website with integrated audio player, microdata markup for search engine optimisation and responsive design for cross screen compatibility.

HTML5 Audio Player

Each of the tracks can be played on the website using the HTML5 audio tag. Playing any track will stop the currently playing track.

The track length also doubles as a countdown timer while the tracks are played.

A minimal progress bar is displayed under the active track.

Responsive Design

The album website is designed to look great and offer maximum functionality on any screen size.

Twitter Bootstrap3 Grid System

The album website uses the Twitter Bootstrap3 responsive grid system.

Microdata For Search Engine Optimisation

By using microdata Album Name, Album Artist, Genre, Track Names and Track Duration are easily identifiable by search engines & web browsers.


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