Web Design For Beginners - 2. How To Install Linux Mint

In the second part of our Web Series Web Design For Beginners we will look at how to install Linux Mint.

You are welcome to use any other operating system but I will be basing this Web Series on Linux Mint. Your other alternatives are Windows (which I will not suggest due to the license cost) and OS X (which I will not suggest due to the hardware cost).

So here are the steps you need to follow in order to install Linux Mint.

1. Download a copy of Linux Mint

You can get a copy of Linux Mint from http://www.linuxmint.com/download.php. I will be installing the 64 bit, Cinnamon version.

You can also use the 32 bit version if your does not have a processor powerful enough to run the 64 bit architecture.

2. Burn the iso image to a DVD

Burn the iso image to a DVD using your favorite DVD burning software.
You also have the option of installing Linux Mint via USB. Unetbootin is a tool which allows you to easly create a Linux Mint installer USB.

3. Boot your computer of the DVD (or USB if you chose that method)

Boot your computer from the DVD or USB and select Start Linux Mint.

The System will boot up and you will see the Desktop.
At this point Mint is not installed on your computer yet, it is running in Live CD mode.

4. Install Linux Mint

Double click the Install Linux Mint icon located on your desktop and follow the on screen instructions.

  • Select the install Language and click Continue;
  • In the "Preparation" screen click Continue;
  • In the "Installation Type" screen select Erase Disk and Install Linux Mint and click Continue;
  • Choose the installation drive and click Continue;
  • Select your timezone and click Continue;
  • Select your keyboard layout and click Continue;
  • Enter your account details and click Continue;
In 10 to 15 minutes Linux Mint should be installed. Remove the installation disk and boot into your newly installed operating system.


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