Web Design For Beginners - 3. How To Install Aptana Studio, GIMP and Google Chrome on Linux Mint

First of, let me congratulate you for choosing and installing Linux Mint. A few more steps and you should have all you need for learning to create amazing websites.

Linux Mint - Aptana, GIMP & Google Chrome

How To Install GIMP

We will start with GIMP, the prefect PhotoShop replacement. Besides being free, GIMP can do pretty much anything you will need as a web designer.

Good news: GIMP is preinstalled on Linux Mint. You only need to install one additional Plugin and you are good to go.
The Plugin I am referring to is GIMP Save for Web. You will need this plugin in order to save the images you publish on your websites at e decent quality and small size. You will want you website to load as fast as possible and saving your images in the wrong format and size could drastically affect the speed of your website.

To install GIMP Save for Web just follow the steps below:

1. From the Linux Mint Desktop, click the Menu button and type "synaptic".

Linux Mint - Opening Synaptic Package Manager

2. Open the Synaptic Package Manager and Enter your password when prompted.

3. In the search box type "gimp save for web" and hit Enter

Linux Mint - Synaptic Package Manager - Installing GIMP

4. Right click gimp-plugin-registry and select "Mark for Installation". When prompted to mark additional changes click "Mark"

Linux Mint - Synaptic Package Manager - Installing GIMP

5. When presented with the Changes Summary, click Apply

Linux Mint - Synaptic Package Manager - Installing GIMP

6. After the installation you can close Synaptic Package Manager and open GIMP. You can find GIMP by opening the taskbar Menu and typing GIMP. There is also a menu entry for GIMP under Menu --> GIMP.

I like to use GIMP in Single Window Mode. To switch to Single Window Mode you have to select the option from Windows --> Single Window Mode.

Linux Mint - GIMP

You have successfully installed GIMP and the Save for Web plugin. You can view the newly added "Save for Web" functionality by selecting File --> Save for Web

Linux Mint - GIMP - Single Window Mode

How to Install Google Chrome on Linux Mint

You will need more than one browser to test your webpages since the rendering engines of each browser interprets your HTML and CSS code differently. You will notice minor differences between Chrome, Firefox, Opera and other web browsers.

1. Open Firefox and navigate to http://google.com/chrome. Click Download

Linux Mint - Installing Google Chrome

2. You can install the Debian/Ubuntu package. Select the 32 or 64 bit version, depending on your Linux Mint installation and click Accept and Install

Linux Mint - Downloading Google Chrome

3. When prompted to open the package with the gdebi-gtk package manager, click OK.

4. After the download has finished the package manager will open. Click Install Package and enter your password.

Linux Mint - Installing Google Chrome -gdebi-gtk Package Installer

After the installation has finished you click Close.
Congratulations! You have installed Google Chrome on Linux Mint.
You can now launch google chrome by opening Menu --> Internet --> Google Chrome

How to install Aptana Studio 3 on Linux Mint

You will need Aptana Studio 3 in order to create and edit the HTML and CSS files used in your websites.

1. Open a browser and navigate to http://aptana.com/download. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Download Aptana Studio 3.

Linux Mint - Download & Install Aptana Studio 3

2. Click Open and extract the Aptana_Studio_3 folder to your Desktop.

Linux Mint - Download & Install Aptana Studio 3

3. Now we will move the Aptana_Studio_3 folder to a application-specific location.
Open a terminal window by opening the Menu and typing terminal. Now, click the Terminal menu entry.

Linux Mint - Open The Terminal

A terminal window will open.

4. Type sudo nemo and hit Enter. Enter your password and hit Enter again.

A super-user File Browser window will open.

5. In the above window, navigate to the Desktop, right click the Aptana_Studio_3 folder, select Copy to --> Browse...
A new window will open where you can select the target destination.

Linux Mint - Download & Install Aptana Studio 3

6. Navigate to File System --> opt and click Open. Now navigate to File System --> opt and verify that the Aptana_Studio_3 folder has been copied.

You can now close both the File Browser and the Terminal window.

7. Now let us create a Linux Mint menu entry for Aptana Studio 3.
From your Desktop, right click Menu and click Configure.

8. Click Open the menu editor. Select Programming and click the New Item button.

9. In the newly opened Launcher Properties window type the name of the application, in our case Aptana or Aptana Studio 3, and click Browse.

10. In the Choose a Command window, navigate to File System --> opt --> Aptana_Studio_3 folder and select the AptanaStudio3 launcher as shown in the screenshot below.

Click OK.

11. Click the "rocket" icon in order to change the Aptana Studio 3 icon.

12. Navigate to File System --> opt --> Aptana_Studio_3 and select icon.xpm and click OK.

13. Click OK again.

14. Close the Main Menu editor and the Applets window.

15. Now we can verify the Aptana Studio 3 installation by clicking Menu --> Programing and opening Aptana. Click OK in the Workspace Launcher window.

Linux Mint - Download & Install Aptana Studio 3

Congratulations! You have installed Aptana Studio 3.

Linux Mint - Download & Install Aptana Studio 3


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