Web Design For Beginners - 4. Your First Web Page

So now that you are all setup you can create your first web page. We could first go into the details and learn about each of the HTML tags but that would be less fun.

1. First you will need to open Aptana Studio 3.

2. Go to File --> New From Template --> HTML --> HTML 5 Template.

You now have the code for a functioning web page.

3. Save this file to your Desktop naming it index.html.

4. Go to your Desktop and open the index.html file by double clicking it. Your default web browser should open and the web page you just created should look something like like this:

5. Let's now change the title of the Title of your Webpage. The title of your webpage is displayed at the top of your browser window. As you can see in the screenshot above The title, right before " - Mozilla Firefox", is "HTML".
We can change the title by editing the code in Aptana Studio 3. Search for this code:


Now replace HTML with your name. Save the file (in Aptana) and refresh your browser window.
This should be the result.

In the next tutorial we will look at the structure of the HTML page and better understand the HTML tags.


Enjoy your new web page and stay tuned for the next tutorial in the Web Design For Beginners web series: Understanding the Structure of a HTML Page


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